treating acne
with science
and empathy

Everybody has it

50% of millennial women are dealing with acne to some extent (that's 21 million people and a whole lot more pimples).

Nothing's working

80% of acne is now totally resistant to antibiotics, and OTC stuff like Benzoyl Peroxide (a literal bleaching agent) and high doses of Salicylic Acid often do more harm than good.

& brands dont get it

Brands wax lyrical on trading out ~blemishes~ for confidence by splashing heaps of water on smiling faces without really speaking to what it's like to be on this kind of journey with your skin (which isn't super conducive to healing).

...but there's hope yet

We’ve built our product on naturally-occuring science and our brand on empathy, meaning we can both treat acne (like, actually treat it) and change the way people talk, think, and feel about it, too.

Shipping in
January 2019